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May 23 2017

Importance of Flea Prevention

Even if your pet doesn’t go outside it can still get fleas! Just like any bug can find their way inside- so can fleas. Wild animals can carry fleas, as they pass through your yard they can leave flea eggs. Fleas can survive up to 100 days without a blood meal. It is a common misconception that it is not as important to have your pet on a flea preventative during the colder months of winter, however it is highly recommended to keep your pet on a preventative year- round.

The reason for this is that fleas don’t instantly all die in the winter. Fleas are finding ways to adapt and find a warm bodied host to survive. Pets are not the only host that the flea can feed on- wild animals, birds, reptiles and even humans. A flea goes through four distinct life cycle stages- egg, larvae, pupae and adult. The eggs that the adult flea lay can get into carpet, bedding, and furniture.

Why should every pet be on preventative? Once an infestation occurs, it is important to treat each pet in your household, as fleas can jump from animal to animal. Also, beware of store-bought prevention, consult with your veterinarian regarding products.

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