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Our Website Dedication

Bailey John


Bailey was our first pet together! She was much more than “a pet.” She was a best friend – a close buddy. In a litter of 11, she was one of 3 girls and the one who snuggled into our arms as soon as we picked her up.

Bailey ventured to work with us every day, loved to explore in the woods, would play fetch until we grew tired, and could outswim us in any pool! She loved to ride and quickly nestled her head on an available lap as she sprawled across the truck seat.

Bailey journeyed with us through many life changes including three moves, the opening of our hospital, and three children entering our lives. She accepted all of it with enthusiasm as if to say, “It doesn’t matter where we are or what we do, or how life treats us, as long as we are together.”

Bailey loved all of us unconditionally, even up to the very end of her life. She did not want to leave us and still nestled her head in our laps as we allowed her to die peacefully and with dignity.

We will never forget Bailey. She is our forever friend – a part of our souls.