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At All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Seneca Falls, we strongly believe that judicious immunization is an integral component in the comprehensive healthcare we provide for your pet. Comprehensive vaccination is important at all stages of life for all pets we see to reduce, or even eliminate, the chance that a pet becomes infected with diseases that are preventable.

Pets and the diseases they carry are extremely mobile in our society today. Frequently, pets are purchased via the internet and are flown to other areas of the country. Although they may appear healthy, they can introduce a new virus or other threat to their new environment, thereby exposing existing pets.

We will at every chance, endeavor to educate clients about diseases that pose a threat to their pet’s, especially those diseases that are considered and proven to be zoonotic threats (diseases that can spread from the pet’s to the people such as Rabies and Leptospirosis).

Unfortunately there are a number of people that feel immunization is not necessary for pets. This is untrue and almost all information suggesting such is unwarranted and without basis.

We encourage you to call and speak with us regarding vaccination so we can answer your questions directly. Our doctors follow the American Veterinary Medical Association’s immunization protocol.