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Apr 14 2016

Kids and Pets

Here are a few facts about the impact of pets on kids’ lives!

  • In one study, researchers found that kids who had a dog during their first year of life had 31 percent fewer respiratory tract infections than kids who didn’t live with a dog
  • It is estimated that 4 in 10 children begin life with a domestic animal in the family, and as many as 90 percent of kids live with a pet at some point in their childhood
  • The presence of a dog in the family has the potential to increase physical activity in children
  • Studies have shown that dogs can help calm hyperactive or overly aggressive children
  • Dogs can help children with disabilities learn to communicate, regulate stress, and overcome the hurdles associated with their disorder
  • Playing and exercising with a dog can help a child with learning disorders stay alert and attentive throughout the day
  • Both genders can be equally responsible for the care of a pet; it isn’t seen as a “girl thing” therefore all children can learn good nurturing and caregiving habits
  • Having the whole family get involved with the different tasks in caring for a dog can strengthen their bond

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