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Oct 20 2016

October 29th-National Cat Day

With or without a cat, there are many ways to celebrate National Cat Day!

  • Donate blankets, towels and toys to your local hospital or shelter
  • Volunteer your time to help play with the kitties, or anything the shelter may need an extra hand with
  • Consider adopting a cat, if your lifestyle permits it
  • Have a safety check around your home to make sure there are no unsafe areas or objects for your current, or potentially new cat
  • Take some time to show extra love to your, or a friend’s cat, by playing with them or giving them an extra brush out and nail trim
  • Thoroughly change the litter box an extra time
  • Freshen up your kitty’s play area with a new toy or with special shelving and climbing areas
  • Purchase a new bed or condo (and donate the old one if it is still in good condition!)
  • Make a window perch where your furry friend can safely watch the outdoors and lay in the sun!
  • Microchip your kitty, or if he or she already has one, contact the provider to ensure the information is up to date in case they ever get out

-If you prefer, you can give your cat a new collar with tags

  • Take some purr-fect pictures and tag us on Facebook!

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